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County Garden Hives

Country Garden Aparies lies at the foot of Starr's Mountain, named after a pre-revolutionary pioneer, Caleb Starr, who refused to fight in the War of Independence because he had never "seen no British." Caleb eventually decided to follow his Cherokee wife on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma, leaving the beautiful and fertile valley he loved.

Country Garden Apiaries sits on the side of a hill looking down on the site of Caleb's homestead, and its owner Aulton Phillips continues the old mountain traditions of hard work and honest value.

It's this tradition that leads Aulton to sell pure, uncut honey made by his bees from the natural wildflower nectars. Unlike many commercial honey producers who import honey from as far away as Malaysia and which often contain toxic chemicals, or who mix in high fructose corn syrup or other sugars, or who heat the honey and destroy its non-allergenic propertes, Aulton simply filters out debris and gently warms it so that it will flow into containers.

Aulton still collects this honey from his hives across the Tennessee mountains and bottles it with his wife Joyce whose honey recipes and products are well known "hereabouts."

Certified by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture

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